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Collection: Fit Guide

Children’s feet are continually growing and often their feet are two different sizes. It’s important to measure both feet for this reason.

All our shoes have the inner sole lengths along as the size. Every brand has different sizes so it’s best to measure your child’s foot and check the size of each shoe. Add wiggle/growth room of 10-12mm for toddlers, 12-15mm for kids and up to 17mm for youth sizes.

How to Measure Feet

  • Stand your child on a blank piece of paper making sure their feet are straight.
  • Put a mark at the longest toe (not necessarily the big toe) and a mark at the back of the heel.
  • Measure both feet as one is usually slightly bigger than the other.
  • Measure the distance in between the longest toe and heel marks.  Make sure this measurement goes straight up and down and not on an angle.
  • Use the biggest measurement of the two measured feet.
  • Add wiggle and growth room to your measurement - 10mm to 12mm for toddler 12-15mm for kids and up to 17mm for youth sizes.
  • mm measured length of foot  + 10mm (approx) growing room  =  the mm size you need to compare to the inner length measurement of the shoe.
  • Remember little feet grow fast, so measure often, at least once a season.

If you wish you can PRINT our handy Size Chart to measure (please ensure that your print settings aren’t set to fit to page).


What To Look For In Shoes For Kids

To ensure a comfortable fit look for shoes that offer:

  •  A wide toe bed to provide plenty of wiggle room for feet to develop naturally
  • Closures that allow for an adjustable fit
  • A breathable material for both the upper and lining, as children’s feet sweat a lot. We prefer leather or a natural fabric

If you have any questions about sizing please email us.